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Hi I'm Leslie

I empower our youth to live unforgettable lives by arming them with tools to navigate life with purpose.

My dream for them is to have unforgettable lives through life coaching and by teaching them essential life skills that are often overlooked in today’s society. Today’s youth are overly concerned with the internet, social media, and most have unhealthy obsessions with body image.

I build confident, comfortable, self-loving, well-mannered, kind, and generous young women and men. The tween, teen and young adult years are crucial times to lead them into adulthood. Sometimes the hardest thing is opening up to parents. Girls and boys need powerful role models to help set them up for their future and Unforgettable will play a crucially important role.


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What People Are Saying

  • Leslie has helped our kids grow in many ways; whether it be with their English, manners or simply reminding them about love and friendship. She has also always been mindful of the importance of health by exercising with them or by simply teaching them to make amazing nutritious meals.

    Eva Custers
  • Leslie was also a role model and mentor for my children and they grew tremendously in the year that she was employed with us. We came to love her like family and she is always welcomed back. Her honesty, kindness, and respect for others are some of the qualities that best describe her and I’ll always keep in mind when remembering her.

    Geri Harvey
  • She is an honest, hardworking, forthright person with strong moral values and a love and respect for children.

    Allison Williams
  • She’s an incredibly gentle soul with a deep and instinctive understanding of the hearts and minds of children.


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