Learn How to Be Fashionable in Los Angeles


Fashion is an opportunity for all of us to express ourselves.

Fashion is a glimpse into our personality.

There are so many fashion trends out there and, as a result, what to wear and how to wear it can be an incredibly confusing adventure (especially when you are new to it). You are eager to fit in, to feel cool and to feel appealing to others. Believe me, I know. This is coming from my own experience as an adolescent.

But know this: you can definitely be trendy without falling into the trap of compromising your values.

As a fashion consultant in Los Angeles, I advise on style choices and help tweens, teens, and young adults find their ideal look by getting to know tastes and personalities. We will examine fashion trends, perhaps even shop together (if you are a private client ). At the very least, though, you will learn to honor yourself with correct fashion choices.