Basic Cooking Skills for Boys and Girls to Learn in Los Angeles


In today’s day and age, we have so many fad diets. We have ones that count calories for us, ones that proportion food, ones that focus on carbs, pretzels, and yes, popcorn. There are diet plans out there that deliver meals to our doorstep. So many limitations!

In my experience, keeping a healthy/happy relationship with food is one of the most challenging and important parts of life. You are more likely to keep a healthy eating routine when you make it one that you enjoy.

I am personally not a fan of any of the tedious diets or food counting. I’m also not a fan of overeating or undereating, for that matter. In my opinion, diets are a chore. I may have been excited about them at first but after a short while, I begin to lose interest because they’re just not fun. I find that my love affair with food actually wanes. And, that’s not good.

The whole idea of cooking can sometimes seem so daunting; however, the benefits of cooking far outweigh the task of preparing our own meals! We get to save some money, we have peace of mind that our food is clean, and we find that it is actually a peaceful activity.

Our food is the nourishment our bodies need. This is the way we get our essential vitamins that helps with our daily functions. It helps our overall digestion, mood, appearance and keeps our metabolism active.

Keeping things simple is key! Think of your plate in three divided sections . Half of the plate can be some sort of veggies and fruit, one quarter a grain/carb and the other quarter, some sort of protein. Don’t forget your snacks in between meals! Oh, and def don’t forget a little dessert or cheat meal.

My program will teach in a fun way how to prepare easy and nutritious meals. I will make sure you are able to prepare basic meals and shakes by having a hands-on learning experience.

Don’t forget we are what we eat!