Leslie Vega Certified Professional Life CoachI would be lying if I said my childhood was all rainbows and smiles. Feeling insecure and unloved was a part of it. I intuitively felt, even as a kid who couldn’t articulate my feelings in full, that the home was supposed to be a place of calm, love and support. You know, where everything was ok in the world. As I matured, I realized that those scars molded me into the adolescent, teen, and finally the woman that I am today.

Broken bones that heal become stronger. That’s the perspective I took, that even the most difficult experiences can be turned into something good if we work through them. All of us can use these challenging experiences as an opportunity for growth.

My name is Leslie Vega and I’ve lived the life and gained the expertise and credentials to mentor you through your life’s journey. Your life should not be forgettable. It should be Unforgettable.

Certified Life Coach for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults
My journey to coaching and mentoring tweens, teens and young adults began as far back as preschool. My mother says when all the kids would be in a circle listening to the teacher, I’d be in the corner giving life advice to dolls. As I grew into adolescence, that coaching advice was shared with my young classmates and friends. In my teen and college years, I fortuitously continued my coaching training with invaluable experiences as a teacher’s assistant, camp counselor, and child care worker. It was during those years that something clicked. Kids today, more than ever, really need a helping hand and a mentor to help them understand life as it’s presented and to navigate through it. As I grew into adulthood, I found that my passion for helping kids and young adults strengthened and it has led me to become professionally certified as a life coach and mentor.

As a Certified Tween, Teen and Young Adult Life Coach with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and with extensive experience in health, nutrition, personal training, and psychology, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to mentor many boys, girls, young men and women from all walks of life. In doing so, I’ve identified the need not just for a life coach but for a mentor, as well – one that can also teach the basic life skills that are not taught or reinforced at home and certainly not taught at school. It is my belief, embedded in me academically and empirically, that our youth need to be armed with psychological tools and life skills to prepare them for success as adults.

My life coaching program contains two components:

  1. Life coaching
  2. Modern curriculum that I’ve developed that teaches kids and young adults what they won’t learn in school, i.e., budgeting, time management, cooking, etiquette, fashion, etc.

These were all of the tools and skills that I did not have access to as a child. As an adult, these tools have inspired in me a desire to pass them on – to give kids and young adults the means that I didn’t have at their age but yet so necessary.